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A chat with JORD

Interview with graphic designer and illustrator JORD
Hey JORD! Tell us a little about what you do…

I’m a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Milton Keynes, I graduated Uni in June of 2021 and have spent most of my life involved in something creative.

Most of my work includes illustrations for apparel businesses from all over the world, having taken on clients from the US, all over Europe, Australia, and Dubai to name a few so this has been a great way to meet and connect with people I might never have crossed in my day-to-day. I’m also a keen designer, working mostly on branding and packaging projects for anything from cool little burger restaurants, classy gin distillers and a scientific research company that are working to create a better way to spot, diagnose and treat major illnesses.

 We all make mistakes design by JORD Love yourself design by jord designs
What was your approach for our collab?

For our collab, I really wanted to showcase the best of us both so I referred to my ‘on brand’ smiley character and gave him a little Make Good makeover with the arch hat and the shopper tote, as well as a more ‘hand-drawn’ aesthetic so that it would apply nicely with the screen-print and so it would match the crafted nature of the bag! It was just about capturing some good vibes and making it feel like Make Good and jord.designs had come together!

JORD x Make Good Everyday bag artist collab - The ultimate pocketed tote bag with screen printed smiley design
Three creators that you find inspiring
One thing at a time - typography work by Jasmina Zornic
Jackpot design by Don Leon - Illustrator and designer
In a pickle design by illustrator and designer Jack Forrest

Jasmina Zornic is a super talented art director and designer, recently featured with Casetify and doing some lovely global brand and typography work!


Don Leon is an amazing illustrator who does lots of vintage/retro style character stuff quite like me – he has a particular command over his character design that is just next level and really shows through in his work.

Jack Forrest is an illustrator and designer who does a lot of typographic/smiley mash-up posters which he’s become quite well known for. I love a smiley, and I’m all for pushing a strong, positive message which I think Jack does incredibly well – always brightens up the feed.

What’s coming up for you in the next few months?

Over the next few months, I’ve got this collab of course - but other than that I’m mostly working on a few branding and illustration projects with nothing major planned yet I’m afraid!


JORD's go-to Make Good product: 

It would be too biased to say the Make Good x Jord Everyday Bag, but I loved the collab products with Jack Paffett and Jessica Smith as well as the shopper totes, they look so versatile and handy!


* JORD X Make Good is dropping 10th March 2022 at 7pm GMT *
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