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The Everyday Bag: The Ultimate Tote Bag With Pockets

Let's take a closer look at our best selling Everyday Bag. If you're a tote bag lover, who's forever rummaging around in search of your keys, we crafted this tote bag with pockets just for you. Our first port of call was to add a super handy zip pocket to the inside to keep your most important possessions safe and sound.

Inside of Make Good's Everyday Bag, showing the canvas tote bag's inside zip pocket

That's not all. In order to help keep you organised, we added an extra compartment which is the perfect size to slide in your laptop. It's a made to measure fit for our 13"/14" Laptop Pouch and also serves as a great place for keeping paper or documents. 

Make Good Everyday Bag - Canvas tote bag with pockets and laptop compartment

We knew that if we wanted to make the ultimate tote bag, one pocket would be quite enough. That's why you can find one on the front too, making it super convenient and easily accessible. 

Make Good Everyday Bag - Canvas tote bag with pocket on front

So what's it made of? The outer of the tote bag, and pockets, are crafted using 100% organic cotton canvas. All of our bags are fully lined for extra durability using 100% recycled cotton. Once we're finished crafting our bags in our Bristol studio, they're given the (literal) stamp of approval. 

Make Good Everday Tote bag with pockets close up

If you're looking for a tote bag with pockets that's a little bolder, our Printed Everyday Bag might be for you. These are screen printed in our studio before we finish sewing them, resulting in a design which wraps all the way round the front and sides of the bag in our signature blue colour.